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DON is proud to be working with Vimmo

Headquartered in Berlin, Vimmo GmbH is developing and operating Europe’s first fully digital (AI) real-estate agent for sellers.

Vimmo provides a range of disruptive technological products and services, to real estate players, from private home sellers to real estate developers and asset owners. Private sellers can chose to sell their property via Vimmo and enjoy a digital real-estate agent, from the first stage of valuation, through automatic marketing, qualification of buyers and closing of the transaction.

Vimmo offers sellers the most effective, credible, transparent, trustworthy and affordable way to sell a property. Check out Real estate developers and asset owners can use Vimmo’s AI-powered sales rep Lisa™. Lisa™ is connected to all the digital marketing campaigns and responds to all the leads, performs qualification and enrichment of leads, schedules meetings for the sales reps and provides BI and Insights to accelerate deal closing. Using Lisa™ the developer/asset owner can focus their time on closing deals, and not on chasing leads. Visit

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