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Advisory for start-ups and grown-ups

A team of versatile founders with investment, management, sector, financial & legal expertise, HOWZAT ENNEA supports companies on their journey to grow sustainable tech-based enterprises that improve people’s daily lives and have a positive impact on society. Notably, we provide the following services: Fundraising and M&A, Strategic Advisory and Business-as-a-Service (e.g. Sales, Marketing)

Over the course of +15 years, HOWZAT ENNEA and its predecessor companies have run +50 successful processes and consulted dozens of companies on a strategic and operational level, thus supporting to build a combined company value of +$100b.

Our focus sector being travel and transportation in Europe, we have expanded into sectors ranging all the way from media companies, to retail to food to logistics to aviation.

If you wish to speak with their team please use this link to set up a call -

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