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Congrats to 75 years for Mahindra and it was a pleasure to work with their Formula E team.

Direct Opportunities Network is a High-net-worth & Ultra high-net-worth Investor Network.

Founded in Monaco 2014. Our Clients are Billionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Sports Stars, Governments, Financial institutions, and UHNW Banking Desks.

We specialize in providing Exclusive pre-qualified opportunities to our members and connecting them to each other.

Currently, we have 533 active members.

Speak with DON directly or schedule a call -


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DON Elite Rooms - Are proud to announce that DON Elite Rooms Monaco will return on the 22nd of September 2020 at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. DON Elite Rooms is an invitation-only direct dealing room that brings together 50 exclusive HNW & UHNW buyers and sellers to the prestigious global location of Monaco.

It is part of a proven business development experience that allows you to explore the world with our luxury Hotel partners, meet new business associates, access exclusive deals, close deals and most importantly have fun.

Register for DON Elite Rooms event tickets here: DON Events

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