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About Us

Direct Opportunities NetworkDON is a High-net-worth & Ultra high-net-worth Business Network.

Founded in Monaco 2014.

Our Clients are Billionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Sports Stars, Governments, Financial institutions, and UHNW Banking Desks.

About DON Elite Rooms Events

Beyond the website, DON Investment News hosts private dealing rooms across the world and Monaco.

Our History

DON was Founded in Monaco 2014 and came from the world of Formula 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Who reads DON Investment News?


Everyone interested or active in the investment space – from PE/VC executives to startup founders to CXO-level executives from the region’s unicorns to ecosystem builders to angel investors and all stakeholders in the world of investment banking.


Through our coverage, we would like to draw in even casual readers, curious about the space that may not entirely be vested in it.   



Why should I subscribe?

To access the full extent of the content on our site, including up to 8 premium stories a day. Subscription brings many more advantages: you will have access to subscriber-only events and discounted tickets to our flagship PE-VC summit.

We intend to make your subscription even more worthwhile through the course of the year with access to exclusive databases, reports, long-form articles and more. 

We have a range of offers to suit a wide array of budgets and preferences. Check here to find the option that works best for you.  A large part of our content remains free and can be accessed without a subscription.   

How do I access your latest stories?


Besides checking on the site, you can sign up for our daily newsletter. The newsletter includes a daily briefing and an overview of the week’s biggest stories.


Also, track our updates on social media through LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


Global Gateway 8,
Rue De La Perle,
Mahe, Seychelle


To reach us, send us an email:

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